Let’s get started!

Welcome! To say it has been difficult to teach these kids how to cook would be an understatement. We are working on 9 snow days and there may be even more. Most of them have been within the past month! These kids have only been with me for 11 days but when we have cooked they have done pretty darn good! Yesterday we finally were able to create our Valentine’s/Chocolate recipes. We had school as a make up for the snow! Each class made 4 things and each kitchen created 1 of the 4 recipes. Here they are!


These were the sugar cookies that were dipped in chocolate! We used a roll of sugar cookie dough and then melted semi sweet chocolate chips with a tablespoon of shortening and then dipped them. The before they set we added sprinkles! Here is the recipe, you can really make them any shapes you want or have on hand: Choc dipped sugar cookies


These were the chocolate cookies dipped in white and milk chocolate with Reeses Pieces, M&Ms and Mini chips. This was a recipe I never made before and it was from the food network. I am a sucker for the Saturday morning cooking shows and these were from the Pioneer Woman. These were tricky. They worked great until we started dipping them. Then they started to break. Not sure what was going on there. She made it look so easy on her show! Here is the recipe: Ree Drummond’s cookie recipe I did like how they tasted.


These were my favorite! These are the Red Velvet Milky way Cake Cookies. These are made with red velvet cake mix and milky way dark bars! They also had mini choc chips in them.  They were so good, especially when they were warm! Delish. Here is the recipe :Red Velvet Milky Way Cake Cookies they are from another blog I follow called Picky Palate You will see us make a bunch of things from her site.

It smelled amazing in A102 yesterday….until next time….Keep on Cookin!